Splice - Video Editor + Movie Maker by GoPro App Reviews

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Awesome app

I wish more option such for GoPro

Very good

This app helped me a lot to edit videos!


Great app, really enjoyed

Perfekt app

Works without any problem !

Greatest app for editing vids on the go!

Just great, nice sounds, good editing possibilities - heads up!


Easy to use and all you need for a perfect videocut

Awesome app :) :)

This is a great app I like how I can edit my YouTube videos now

Fabulous app!

Super easy to create videos & presentations and editing both video and audio.

Awesome App!

Super easy to use. It has lots of great features and its FREE!

Great app

Its just a great app in general and makes it a lot easier to edit videos


We had to do a project and it worked amazing its on YouTube search up : pro-life vs pro-choice

Good app. Cant rotate video

Good app but it doesnt have the ability to flip a video from portrait to landscape though.

Makes them blurry

I post drawing videos and for some reason when I speed them up for musical.ly it makes them blurry. It disappoints me☹️ But otherwise, I love this app!


It has all you want: not a huge app only 12mb versus 600mb, easy to use, stupid proof, does the job. Makes me want to purchase Go Pro products. Job well done on the software. Id give you a 6 out of 5 if I could!


Really intuitive and user friendly. Love the built in music/sounds.

Great App

Good job with the app its a great video editor app 5 stars


Simple and easy to use.

Perfect !

Really useful


I just got Splice, but from the outset using this app is a great experience. Cant wait to play and make more videos. Just what I needed!

App is decent

The app is good for what I need it for. (No more info given)

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